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Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Band Surgery
The EndoFLIP® system allows a surgeon to set a consistent band stoma diameter at surgery for every patient. Consistent stoma size minimizes the risk of the band being too tight at the completion of surgery, and allows a surgeon to assess if sufficient peri-gastric fat has been removed to create an adequate stoma size. The system permits a surgeon to assess stoma size for patients where previous band-fill history is not available.

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Gastric Imbrication / Gastric Plication
The EF-620 catheter will be available in March 2011. It has a 16cm long imaging field for measuring sleeves created during sleeve gastrectomy and vertical gastroplasty. The EndoFLIP® system is particularly suited to measuring sleeves created by a new experimental procedure, gastric imbrication, since the diameter of the sleeve can be observed changing in real time as successive plications are performed.

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American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Corporate Council


Obesity Action Coalition

Bariatric Revision Surgery*
The EndoFLIP® catheter may deployed into a stoma to measure its diameter, both to allow the assessment of whether stoma repair is required, or to assess whether adequate repair has been achieved i.e. sufficient stoma size reduction. This is particularly useful where endolumenal repair of the stoma is being undertaken, since the stoma may be distended and measured before additional plications are made.

Figure A - Sample EndoFLIP image after fundoplication   Illustration of how distensibility changes due to fundoplication surgery
Magnigfying Glass Sample EndoFLIP® image after gastric band has been adjusted   Magnigfying Glass Example of a sleeve being created by gastric imbrication.


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*Note: The above Indications For Use of EndoFLIP® in Bariatric Revision Surgery are not currently cleared Indications of Use by the FDA in the USA

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