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EndoFLIP® Technology

Clinical Applications

- Upper GI Surgery

- Bariatric Surgery

- Upper GI Imaging

- Cardiology

- Therapeutic Endoscopy

- Colorectal Imaging

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EndoFLIP Technology

EndoFLIP® Technology

The EndoFLIP® (Endolumenal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe) Imaging System is a revolutionary new technology used to measure the dimensions and function of a variety of hollow organs and sphincteric regions throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

These measurements are useful for different types of patients such as:

  • GERD patients
  • Potential candidates for GERD surgery
  • Bariatric surgery patients
Click here to view an instructional video on setting up EndoFLIP.
Click here to view a 2 minute overview of EndoFLIP.
Click here to see a demo of the FLIP Analytics tool.

EndoFLIP® Technology
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