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EndoFLIP® Technology

Clinical Applications

- Upper GI Surgery

- Bariatric Surgery

- Upper GI Imaging

- Cardiology

- Therapeutic Endoscopy

- Colorectal Imaging

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Regulatory Details

The EndoFLIP® Imaging System is CE-marked and FDA approved, and is available for sale.

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP with FLIP Topography 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP EF/BF325 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP EF800 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP EF900 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP EF620 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP EF-325L 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Barostat 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Extended Indications 510k Clearance

PDF Icon  EsoFLIP 510k Clearance - Achalasia

PDF Icon  EsoFLIP 510k Clearance - Strictures

PDF Icon  FDA - Affirmations of Compliance

PDF Icon  Crospon ISO13485 Quality System Certification

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP CE Certificate

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Declaration of Conformity

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Electrical Safety Certification

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Australian TGA Certification

PDF Icon  EndoFLIP Canadian Medical Device Certification

PDF Icon  EsoFLIP Canadian Medical Device Certificate

PDF Icon  Korean KFDA Quality System Certification

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EndoFLIP® Technology
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Regulatory Details
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