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The Technology behind EndoFLIP®

How it works

The EndoFLIP® System uses a technique called impedance planimetry to characterize the geometry of the measurement area. Impedance planimetry (IP) is an established technique for performing measurements of cross sectional areas in the alimentary tract .The following is a brief technical description of the technique.

Impedance planimetry uses AC voltage measurements made between pairs of electrodes to estimate the extent of the diameter of the medium (a conductive fluid) at the mid-point between those electrodes. This can be done provided the voltage drop across the medium is generated from a constant AC current source and the conductivity of the medium is constant and known for a given temperature.
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R can be calculated as the AC current (I) is known and is fixed, and the AC voltage (V) is measured across the pair of electrodes. If L is a fixed distance between the electrodes, and the medium conductivity (σ) is known for a given temperature, then Dest can be determined. An estimate of the balloon diameter, Dest, at a given electrode position is derived from the measured area using the assumption that the balloon is symmetrical about its longitudinal axis at that electrode position.

The above formula shows that V is inversely proportional to Dest², thus the diameter can be estimated based on the voltage reading.

If the conductive medium is contained in a flexible balloon and an array of voltage electrodes used, the shape of the balloon can be reproduced based on the voltage readings. This is the basis of the FLIP imaging technique.

The EndoFLIP® System injects a specially-formulated conductive solution into a balloon catheter placed in the measurement area. The balloon contains an array of electrodes that measure voltage. The EndoFLIP® System uses these voltages to estimate the diameter at up to16 points along the measurement area. The EndoFLIP® System allows snapshots of this data to be saved and commented for reference.

EndoFLIP® Technology
Technology behind EndoFLIP®
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