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EndoFLIP® Technology

Clinical Applications

- Upper GI Surgery

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- Upper GI Imaging

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Upper GI Surgery

Surgery for GERD

The EndoFLIP® imaging catheter can be placed in the gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) and act as a smart bougie during laparoscopic fundoplication surgery to allow a surgeon measure how tight the GEJ has become, both after crural repair, and during and after the fundoplication wrap procedure. Small hiatal hernias can be measured before and after repair, since the spatial separation of the crus, and lower esophageal sphincter, and the wrap itself, can be visualized by virtue of the 8cm long image field of the EndoFLIP® catheter. The length of the wrap may also be measured. For new and varied endolumenal procedures, EndoFLIP® may be used to assess the GEJ at different stages during the procedures to determine whether the desired narrowing or distensibility of the LES has been achieved.

Surgery for Achalasia

During a Heller Myotomy for Achalasia, the EndoFLIP® catheter can be placed in the GEJ. As the longitudinal and circular fibers are cut, the GEJ can be observed to open, thereby providing a tool to assist a surgeon in determining when sufficient muscle has been cut. Recent work has demonstrated how the EndoFLIP® catheter may be used when performing a myotomy transorally using endoscopic submucosal tunneling.

Esophageal Balloon Dilation

For esophageal strictures, EndoFLIP® offers a convenient way to measure esophageal lumen size to aid in selection of the appropriate dilation balloon size to reduce the risk of perforation, or as an aid in esophageal stent sizing.

Figure A - Sample EndoFLIP image after fundoplication   Illustration of how distensibility changes due to fundoplication surgery
Magnigfying Glass Sample EndoFLIP image after fundoplication   Magnigfying Glass Illustration of how distensibility changes due to fundoplication surgery


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