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Crospon announces further regulatory approvals

New addition to bariatric surgery product line to be launched in September

26th July 2011

Carlsbad & Galway - Crospon, an Irish medical device developer based in Galway, has announced that the Company has received clearance from the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to market its new EndoFLIP® EF-900 Gastric Tube. This is intended for use in bariatric surgical procedures to provide a sized support bougie for sleeve gastrectomy, and to permit stomach decompression, gastric fluid drainage and removal. It may also be used to aid deployment of the company’s range of EndoFLIP catheters within the esophagus and stomach. The product will be available for sale from September 2011. The company also announced that it has received CE Mark approval for the EF-900 as well as for the EF-620 sleeve measurement catheter released earlier this year in the US.

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