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6 posters featuring EndoFLIP to be presented at the SAGES 2015 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN April 15-18, 2015

16th March 2015

Six posters featuring the use of EndoFLIP are to be presented at the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons 2015 Annual Meeting to be held in Nashville,TN from April 15-18, 2015. The posters cover the use of EndoFLIP in a variety of GI surgery applciations, in particular Heller Myotomy and POEM (for Achalasia), Nissen Fundoplication and Sphincter Augmentation (for GERD) and Sleeve Gastrectomy. In addition, the first poster to describe the new endolumenal surgery insufflator, EVA, in development at Crospon will be presented in the Emerging Technology section of the conference.

The following is a list of the posters

  • S079 The Effect Of Incremental Distal Gastric Myotomy Lengths On Intraoperative EGJ Distensibility During POEM For Achalasia.
    Ezra N Teitelbaum, MD, MEd, Joel M Sternbach, MD, Rym El Khoury, MD, Nathaniel J Soper, MD, John E Pandolfino, MD, Peter J Kahrilas, MD, Zhiyue Lin, MS, Eric S Hungness, MD. Northwestern University
  • S089 Endoluminal Anatomy of the Gastric Sleeve: Are we all created equal?
    Abel E Bello, MD, Leena Khaitan, MD. University Hospitals Case Surgery
  • P179 Intraoperative Assessment of Esophagogastric Junction Distensibility during Heller Myotomy with Endoluminal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe Device (EndoFLIP).
    Reece K DeHaan, BA, Matthew J Frelich, MS, Matthew I Goldblatt, MD, Andrew S Kastenmeier, MD, Jon C Gould, MD. Medical College of Wisconsin
  • P204 Intraoperative Assessment of Esophagogastric Junction Distensibility During Laparoscopic Fundoplication with Endoluminal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe Device (EndoFLIP).
    Elizabeth A Schoenfeldt1, Matthew J Frelich, MS2, Reece K DeHaan, BA2, Jon C Gould, MD2. 1UW-Madison, 2Medical College of Wisconsin
  • V049 Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation: Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Visualization of Function.
    Jessica L Reynolds, MD, Joerg Zehetner, MD, Nikolai Bildzukewicz, MD, Sharon Shiraga, MD, John C Lipham, MD. University of Southern California
  • ETP028 EVA - a New Flexible Endoscopic Insufflator Technology.
    Silvana Perretta, MD1, John O'Dea, PhD2, Lee L Swanstrom, MD3, Ricardo Soare, MD3, Andras Legner, MD3, Bernard Dallemagne, MD1. 1IRCAD, Strasbourg, France, 2Crospon, Galway, Ireland, 3IHU Strasbourg


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